Gulp front

A lean and powerful, gulp-based boilerplate for better front-end coding.

v. 9.5.0
Created & maintained by @zoxon
Getting Started

Benefits & Features

  • BEM


    The BEM methodology helps to create extendable and reusable interface components.

  • Modular architecture

    Modular architecture

    Create and use HTML/CSS/JS in accordance with the principles of DRY

  • Built-in modules

    Built-in modules

    Extensive set of modules which can be found in 90% of all websites

  • Preprocessors and postprocessors

    Preprocessors and postprocessors

    Simple and clean HTML and CSS syntax with superpowers

  • Customized typography

    Customized typography

    The most important thing on the website is text and we took care of it

  • Your personal iconset

    Your personal iconset

    Create your own set of SVG icons. Only what you need and no fonts

  • Easy to use sprite system

    Easy to use sprite system

    Just copy images to a folder and get sprite and @2x srpite

  • Simple media queries

    Simple media queries

    You can easily create mobile version or adapt your current version of your website with the help of convenient mixins

  • Documentation


    Yes, we have a documentation :)

Getting Started

  1. Install node.js with version equal to 6 or higher.
  2. Clone the project or download
    git clone --depth 1 project-name
  3. Goto in project folder root and install dependencies
    cd project-name
    npm run setup
  4. Start dev server
    npm start

In browser open page with address http://localhost:3000

For getting production version run npm run build command.